Lamahatta :

Lamahata is a small mountain village located away from the main hustle and bustle of Darjeeling is surrounded by greenery and romantic environment. It’s Ideal for couples who spend quality time together for familiars who wants to get away from life’s daily gained and seek peace and comfort in the midst for people and needs to get in touch with their inner self need to meditate, spend some quiet and intimate time with for people who enjoys the nature, trekking short on long distance.

Local Sightseeings at Lamahatta

1. Visit the beautiful road side garden with ethnic shades around the garden for the watch flower and enjoy nature at close quarter on a clean day. The view of Kanchenjunga, Sikkim hills, River Tista and Rangeet can be enjoyed
2. Visit the Estate nearby –Lopchu Tea Estate, Takdha Tea Estate , Rangli Romliot Tea Estate, Glenbunus tea estate.
3. View point- Peshok view point is about 1 km view view of the wonder full meeting of river Teesta and Rangeet, a place name known as Triveni.
4. Trekking – Asmall trek of 20 min to a small lake which is considered sacred among the village…
5. Visit cave Temple about 2 km.
6. Monastery- 200 year old is situated just 2 km.